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[ T H E . S I T E ]

__announce_ments__ what's new with the crew, the site, and more
you're reading it now
who's in the crew: features information on the ele_mentals and an incomplete list of friends and associates.
__what will be__ upcoming events: our events continue to be the most visible ele_mental ideal at work, and we constantly search for new ways to bring artistic ideals into the party experience. look here to find out what we're up to next.
__what was__ where we've been: over 40 events have been presented under the ele_mental name. find out more about them here, and read an account of the first 3 years of ele_mental's existence.
__orbits__ sharing the bandwidth: some of our most-visited links.

[ P R O J E C T S ]

__the 21/22 corporation__
music and design concept: founded in 1992 by charles noel, as an outlet for his experimental noise/hip-hop in 1992. the corporation's first vinyl release was the "reconnaissance" drum'n'bass EP by charles as monochrome in early 1995. several vinyl releases have followed, featuring ele_mental (and ele_related) artists. some of these releases have gained overseas attention, and our experimental, low-budget package designs are a natural articulation of ele_mental ideals.
a permanent online archive: compiling some of our activities in other artistic and academic areas.
con.versations features lengthy interviews with several notable electronic music artists, including dego, jeff mills, carl craig,and dan bell.
im.ages contains selected artwork by ele_mental or ele_related artists
said&did compiles documents and ideas relating to the history of electronic/experimental music, stolen from other sources.

tracing the histories of electronic/ experimental music: a more concrete realization of the ele_mental ideal, the think project began as an attempt to reveal the deeper connections that today's electronic and experimental music share with older forms. as more information is absorbed, the project grows.
sharing the diskspace: sculptor/painter robert strati is a columbus transplant, now living in san francisco. ele_mental is proud to host his experimental web/art area. our own kevin ginger also has an online art area for his unique conceptual/ceramic sculptures.




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