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E S S E N T I A L . S I T E S__


the original old-schoolers guide to cowtown, brought to you by the tourism division of the evolution control committee. mark g and lara 7 have gone out of their way to create an in-depth site about what little there is to do in the original home of borden (or was that boredom?).

core communicationscolumbus::

the home of todd sines' design and production entity. this perpetually-unfinished site offers you a glimpse into the minimalist aesthetics of mr. sines: electronic music composer, graphic designer/artist, and founder of the ele_mental concept.

ear se prononce oreillestrasbourg, france::

this excellent e-zine from our friends in france features essential interviews and information documenting the best in underground electronic music. lengthy interviews with our own titonton and charles noel, along with friends anthony 'shake' shakir, morgan geist, and experimental artists such as leo anibaldi, reveal their particular devotions. ear is also part of the mindless entertainment triumverate of websites, which includes forcefield from the netherlands, and surreal sound from belgium.

the evolution control committeecolumbus::

serving your needs since 1987, the evolution control committe offers up this double-phat but still tasteless website. the wiley pranks of ECC president spanky esoterica and ECC spokesmodel mark gunderson are hardly an excuse to check this one out, but do peruse through the committee's vast discography and soundfiles, documenting their aural assault upon our breakfasts. dan rather rapes, the new bomb turks eat soup, and jesu is the boy of man's desire. not recommended for children under 3, as it does contain SUBVERSIVE ideas and WEIRD music.

hyperrealsan francisco::

one of the web's most important sites for electronic music and awareness, brian behlendorf's brainchild is now home to dozens of volunteers who maintain such essential areas as the hyperreal music archive, music machines (devoted to musical gear), epsilon (highlighting ambient music), rave resources (including regional mailing list pages), drugs (from mysteries to chemistry), and various personal projects, official, and unofficial artist homepages.


an emerging crew of like-minded electronic enthusiasts here in columbus. emphasizing drum'n'bass and technology as the way forward.

massive magazinemilwaukee::

milwaukee's own cru of beer-swilling fools, with the online version of the popular rave zine. it's all about the music, yo. they care because you do (although as of june 1998, only issue 18 has been uploaded...wassup!?).

"Once upon a time this resource centered itself on the mechanics of starting your own label." chris sattinger'sUS techno house business resource::

an impressive and exhaustive guide to the ins and outs of starting off in the electronic dance music business, from an american perspective. all aspects of the business are covered.


the techno epicenter of detroit, home of mike banks and the underground resistance, along with a whole family of labels such as 430 west, teknotika, drexciya, and many more. far more than just a label or distribution hub, submerge represents the spirit of underground music and community, staying true to themselves while holding on to a small corner of detroit's forgotten, 'post-industrial' wasteland. online mailorder also available, so SUPPORT.

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