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W H A T . H A S . M A D E . U S

a few ideas and things to live by

minimalism - can be an excuse to say little, but 'less is more' may still be the concept of the century.
detroit techno - a new, technological music shaped into being in a ruined, but undefeated city.
drum'n'bass - pushing beats into unimaginable, fractured realms - reinforced has been our guide.
electro - remembering those abstract electronic beats that made us contort our bodies in the early '80s
house - the deep sounds of soulful house - whether they be chicago's sparser, traxier side; disco-based funkifications; or new york's jazzy, sophisticated club house.
noise - john cage may not have liked repetitive music but his ideas opened us all up to the possibilities of "non music."
voluntary simplicity - without realizing there was a movement behind it, many of us have already been trying to make the most out of the materials and ideas at hand.

O U R . F A V O R I T E . R E C O R D S

a few records to live by

computer world - by kraftwerk (1981)
frequencies - by LFO (1991)
99% - by meat beat manifesto (1990)
minimal nation - by robert hood (1994)
parallel universe - by 4 hero (1994)
most anything by basic channel
most anything by drexciya
world to world - by underground resistance (1993?)
bytes - by the black dog (1992)
selected ambient works vol 1 - by aphex twin (1992)
origins - by planetary (dan curtin) (1993)
4 jazz funk classics - by 69 (carl craig) (1992)
quadrilocular EP - by morgan geist (1994)

(and tons of others)

O U R . F A V O R I T E . T H I N G S

a few things we can't live without

atari 2600 - let's admit it - those programmers did some amazing things with almost nothing!
vector graphics - wireframe video games still look more advanced.
turntables and vinyl - need we say why? still the preferred (and better) medium for DJ interpolations.
macintosh - 10% share of the market, and it's still better.
amiga - 0% share of the market, and it's still better. 1987 technology at its best.
star trek - some of us may admit to liking star trek, but don't bet your tribbles on it.




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