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'think' was originally written in august of 1995, to address the lack of musical knowledge within the so-called "rave" scene and the general public, whose stereotypical definition of electronic dance music is usually that it is "mindless dance music" which is made "by itself," primarily for sloppily-dressed kids or fashion-show runways.

by putting 'think' directly in the hands of the scene at large, i intended to tackle this lack of understanding directly, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the complex history of this music, and hopefully stimulating curiosity into other related areas--even outside of music. it was also hoped that such encouragement might help to diffuse the negative effects of drug use, elitism, and escapism which plague certain aspects of our subculture (and society in general).

like all knowledge, this project has been in a constant state of revision, as i have learned more and more about the music from the past and have found mistakes in my own research, or as i have decided to modify a word or two here and there to clarify meanings. as such, it has seemed like a never-ending and infinitely-revising project. but it still seems necessary today, probably even moreso...

early distribution

'think' first appeared in pamphlet form in rural missouri, at the INTERSTELLAR OUTBACK 2 outdoor event in august of 1995. copies were handed out (almost always personally by myself) at events all over the midwest: in dayton, detroit, chicago, and columbus ohio (its place of origin). about 1000 copies (in various revisions) were handed out during this period (from aug-oct 1995), the bulk of which were distributed in columbus.

an updated version appeared in the 12th issue of milwaukee's fine fanzine MASSIVE (circulation: 10,000) in early 1996. it is this article which has been tranfered here to HTML, in slightly revised form. a subsequent series of revisions were reissued in pamphlet form in the summer of 1996, bringing the total of pamphlets i distributed to about 3000.

at that time, and throughout the summer of 1996, i announced the release of a compilation cassette that would accompany the think project. this cassette, which was almost completed by the end of 1996, was never actually released due to ethical considerations and lack of time. [about 15 people did order the cassette for $4.00, and never received anything in return. i have, however, set that money aside in hopes of one day reimbursing each and every one of them in some concrete way.]


in early 1997, my dissatisfaction with the errors and problems of the original pamphlet series culminated in a document entitled 'think(again)' which was a radical expansion of the 'think' pamphlet, with a great deal of new information and re-edited entries. 'think(again)' was made available in a small run of 600 copies in march/april 1997. regrettably, several mistakes were still present, which led me to consider some new ideas...

think(about it)

the 'think (about it)' project is an attempt to create a nearly-comprehensive history of electronic (and experimental) music, with as few omissions and historical errors as possible.

'think (about it)' is also intended to be made into another pamphlet, and is likely to appear in another issue of MASSIVE magazine.

i have also begun work on an expanded website which will hopefully become a resource in and of itself: including an extensive bibliography, transcriptions of important writings, and individual pages about the artists, technologies, or artistic movements mentioned in the article, featuring musical examples and links to other relevant sites.

self-distribution: D I Y

a number of people have downloaded the information from this article and created their own versions of the 'think' article. you are highly encouraged to do so, and to distribute this article as widely as you see fit. the easiest way to do this is to simply steal the source codes from these very pages and re-format the text to fit on two sides of one page. i use DIN engschrift as my primary text font, which you may download here (macintosh postscript only). other fonts to try include futura condensed, arial narrow, and helvetica condensed. most condensed fonts will probably work. text should be quite small, about 7-8 point type. if you should find it necessary to edit the article to make sure it fits, i won't be too insulted. point them to the website if it makes you feel better.

to take the images, simply hold your mouse button on each picture individually, save them to your hard drive, and convert them to tiff or any other printable format through photoshop or whatever image application you may use.


you are also encouraged to question and/or correct my work, and i will include any insightful criticisms which are sent to me, on a special comments page. send all inquiries or comments to eluna@coil.com

'think' is no one's property, but please make sure credit is given where credit is due.

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