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[ E L E _ M E N T A L ]

1 a : of, relating to, or being an element;
specif: existing as an uncombined chemical element
b : of, relating to, or being the basic or ultimate constituent of something: FUNDAMENTAL
c : of, relating to, or dealing with the rudiments of something:ELEMENTARY
d : forming an integral part: INHERENT
2: of, relating to, or resembling a great force of nature

Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1980

ele_mental is a loose affiliation of creative, technologically-oriented people that has been in existence since late 1992. from its very beginnings in columbus, ohio, ele_mental has been singular in its attempts to fuse design, technology, and art with the culture of electronic and experimental music.

over the years, ele_mental artists and events have formed the backbone of the local electronic music scene, while making strong links with artists and collectives as diverse as underground resistance (detroit), round table music / public transit recordings (toronto), EARseprononceoreille (strasbourg), reinforced (london), black nation records (michigan), twilight 76 (detroit), and beta bodega coalition (worldwide).

with its enduring presence in columbus, ohio, and other outposts in portland, oregon, new york city, and elsewhere, ele_mental continues to serve as a resource and communication nexus between artists and ideas.

likewise, the ele_mental website continues to be a resource for everything from the experimental music products of the 21-22 corporation, to underground events hosting cutting-edge electronic artists, interactive and installation art openings, DJ appearances throughout the world, and personal research pages.