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F U N D A _ M E N T A L S

"how to join the cause"

since its inception in 1993, ele_mental has existed as a loosely-bound "collective" of people connected to each other by friendships, a collaborative spirit, and a few general ideals about music, art, technology, and the future. as such, it has primarily been defined by its public efforts, including parties, events, public appearances, and this website.

however, at its most basic level, ele_mental has simply been a reflection of the personal interests of each ele_mental involved, and has been centered around individual projects in graphic design, event promotion, electronic music production, web management, and other, less-definable areas. as such, ele_mental has existed as a resource to allow these individuals to open up their projects to the collaborative input and assistance of other interested people.


contributions to ele_mental are centered on the creativity of individuals, their own projects, and positive interaction between people. there are many different ways to contribute.
some ele_mentals have put in a great deal of time trying to build and maintain a "real" working collective. others have taken part in the project for quite some time, and have moved on, or may still carry the spirit of ele_mental with them. still others have come along more recently, and may only just now be figuring out what they can offer. these contributors are all part of our nuclear core.
others have been content to merely associate themselves (and their activities) with the overall "project," contributing when and where they can, as performers, equipment providers, event personnel, and so on. or, they may be among the many people who have supported us by attending or helping at many of our events. these contributors and friends make up our inner electrons.
still others may have simply offered us moral support, encouragement, or inspiration over the years; or, they may have worked the door, shared their music, donated an idea, or helped us in a more intangible way. or, they may be among the many performers who have given us their music or time at highly-discounted rates (sometimes even for free), in order to support our efforts. all of these are our outer electrons.
if you've taken the time to join our ele_mental announcements list (simply email us your name and email address to join), or you've spent some time checking out the ele_mental website, then you are one of our free electrons. also, for a detailed look at who's been hitting the ele_mental site (and when), check our monthly web usage statistics.

so you see, it's very easy to contribute to ele_mental. you may start by just showing up to our events and interacting with us in a positive way. later, perhaps you will coordinate an activity of your own, and invite us to take part. no matter what you have to offer, please reach us through our group email account at element@ele-mental.org.

--eluna, an ele_mental





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