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I N N E R . E L E C T R O N S

the inner shell of people and collaborators who identify with our mission

dara bosiljevic::
colin bossen::
jessica brown::
mike brown [hyperreal / epsilon]::
stewart brown::
myungho choi [elliptical, spore]::
mark gunderson [evolution control committee, member of gaga]::
jonathan claydon [masturbeat]::
ian davis::
todd faulkner::
brian gillespie [poorboy/twilight `76/blue collar recs]:: todd gys [dreamcycle]::
leah hoover::
ian jesse::
karen kreutzfeld [member of gaga]::
paris mack [black foo]
sean macklin [makku da kutta]
adam marshall::
mike mccusty::
dave miller::
jason olinski [member of gaga]::
mike poe [midi slut]::
adam reitz [amos]::
lance ross [L boogie]::
leigh simmons [devil girl]::
rob warden [eighty]
gary xaoui [member of gaga]::

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e l e . m e n t a l

+ last updated 26 jul 98