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O U T E R . E L E C T R O N S

the outer shell of friends and people whose influence has made its mark

mike banks [underground resistance, submerge]::
jason beaumont::
dan bell [dbx, 7th city]::
aaron bennett [black nation records]::
andreas berlind::
michael bongiorno::
tom butcher::
dave casto::
jeff chenault [central inhabitants / 10-speed guillotine]::
minto chempotical::
satya chheda::
desmond cobb::
mark clair [reinforced, manix, 4 hero]::
james crocker [mini-c]::
dac crowell::
dan curtin [metamorphic]::
lance decker::
mark dienger::
dan doormouse::
doug dorr::
john drefahl::
EAR cru (strasbourg, france)::
rob engel::
peggy sue evans::
morgan geist::
brendan gillen [ectomorph/flexitone/star 67]::
tom griffith::
kevin grimm [kevy kev]::
jerry marvin haws [untranslatable concept]::
mickey honmyhr [mouse, DJ shira kahn]::
vivian host [stareyes]::
paul ihrig::
marty jackson::
julia jaksic::
jeff jasper::
sho kuwamoto::
trevor lamont::
benedikt laube::
jennifer ledenican::
dave longstreth::
ian maclachlan::
matt macqueen::
massive magazine::
jen mcconaghie::
dego mcfarlane [reinforced, tek-9, 4 hero]::
ian malbon::
nancy mitchell::
arash moradmand [illuminators]::
kourosh moradmand [illuminators]::
patrick morrissey::
ryan o'neill::
diana lynn potts::
belinda runkle [blender]::
jon santos::
anthony shakir [shake]::
dan sicko::
eric shinn::
ellen steuer::
robert strati::
linda swanson::
james temple::
joe tomino::
andrew tweed::
dave walker::
claude young::

and many others who have supported us or reached out to us in some way...

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e l e . m e n t a l

+ last updated 26 jul 98